What is ALT®?

Advanced Lipid Technologies® (ALT®) is a proprietary drug delivery platform, which leverages patented and trade secreted formulation and manufacturing techniques to create lipophilic drug products capable of increased bioavailability, avoidance of the first pass effect, and elimination of the food effects commonly associated with drugs administered orally.

Although almost half of all promising pharmaceuticals are lipophilic compounds, the industry has historically faced significant setbacks in the oral delivery of these compounds. As a result, many drugs have failed to gain approval due to various reasons notable amongst which are: a significant inconsistency in the bioavailability of many drugs due to the "Food Effect" – the need to take a drug with food; and, the “First Pass Effect” – the destruction of a significant portion of the delivered active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) by the liver before the body has had the opportunity to transport the API to the treatment target within the body. The first pass effect results in the use of significantly more API than otherwise needed to offset the impact of the liver, which in turn increases the predisposition for liver toxicity.

Delivery Solutions

If your lipophilic drug suffers from poor bioavailability, first pass effect, food effect, lack of stability or high clinical variability we can help. Contact Micelle BioPharma, Inc today for more information about how our Advanced Lipid Technologies platform can be used to improve your lipophilic compound delivery. For further information, please contact us at Development@micellebio.com.