Short Bowel Syndrome – SC403

Malabsorption in Short Bowel Syndrome:

Many premature children develop issues with their digestive system requiring small bowel resection. The damaged small intestine is removed and thereby a short bowel results. These children do not have optimal absorption of food or nutrients. Hence, their growth is slowed and brain development may suffer. Many die from failure to thrive.

There are several thousand cases of children with short bowel syndrome (SBS) in the United States. Only a few thousand remain alive after birth and most die by the age of six. The estimated market for a drug capable of treating malabsorption is over $200,000,000.
Treatment options are limited, dangerous, or off-label. There are no orally approved treatments for malabsorption in SBS.

Problem: There are no approved therapies for children with malabsorption related to SBS, an Orphan indication.

Current Treatment: Intravenous Intralipid®, a known cause of liver disease in this population, is the only drug used to provide fatty acids to these children. Intravenous administration must continue throughout life and normally results in liver damage.

ALT® Solution: ALT formulation has been shown to restore circulating fatty acid levels, increase weight and reverse malabsorption. Data shows that near-normal growth patterns develop in as little as five days after treatment with SC403.