About Us

Micelle BioPharma, Inc. is an integrated pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and marketing a variety of products, including those based on the proprietary Advanced Lipid Technologies® (ALT®) platform. The ALT platform refers to several unique drug delivery systems designed to improve the body’s ability to absorb and use lipophilic compounds such as fatty acids, hormones, several vitamins, and many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Because they do not dissolve in water, and instead are absorbed with fats, the bioavailability and usefulness of these potentially beneficial compounds as APIs for treating diseases is often limited.

Micelle recognizes the significant unmet need within the pharmaceutical industry for a means by which lipophilic compounds can be effectively absorbed by the body. Micelle’s lipid chemists, biologists, formulation scientists, and medical doctors continue to develop the ALT platform, which increases absorption of lipophilic drugs and nutrients while mitigating the dependency on the fat content of the food (food effect) that is seen with many other lipophilic drug delivery systems. Micelle leverages the ALT platform to create unique products that, if approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), would target disorders and diseases that might be correctable by restoring the body’s natural lipid balance.

In addition to our primary goal of developing proprietary pharmaceutical products through the use of ALT technology, we also offer services to third parties. Micelle offers product development, manufacturing of soft gel capsules, and contract product sales. For certain development projects, Micelle may partner with a third party to leverage the ALT platform for delivery of a third party’s lipophilic compound.

Micelle believes in being a part of the local community and actively participates in several municipal and charity organizations and events.

Micelle’s predecessor, Sancilio & Company, Inc., was awarded “Manufacturer of the Year” Award in 2015 by the South Florida Manufacturing Association.

  • Mission: Our mission is simply to harness science, technologies, human ingenuity and energy into designing, developing and producing new drugs to serve people in need. The proper balance of science, compassion and resources can produce exceptional benefit for patients, for investors and for our society.
  • Vision: To bring novel drug delivery platforms to market. To demonstrate the entrepreneurial value of orphan drugs in partnership with the federal government and the drug development industry. To powerfully contribute to reducing suffering and prolonging the quality of every life.
  • Values: Discovery and Invention is at the heart of our work Honesty and Integrity define our interaction with the market and among our team. Collaboration will define our relationships both with our colleagues, our partners, our suppliers and the people we serve. Compete intensely but fairly and honorably and succeed.

What Is Our Micelle Technology Platform?

  • A patented drug delivery concept developed by Dr. Fred Sancilio
  • Eliminates problems associated with absorption of fatty acids like DHA
  • Uses micelles (microscopic molecular balloons) to substantially increase the bioavailability of fatty acids like DHA and other lipophilic compounds thus lending their use as potential APIs for treating a range of disease conditions.

We used our micelle technology platform in a phase II clinical trial to test the hypothesis that correcting the red blood cell fatty acid imbalance by providing exogenous DHA might impact the course of Sickle Cell Disease.